Home owners do a lot to add value to their homes. This may includes upgrading a kitchen, remodeling bathrooms, or adding a pool. These will all increase the enjoyment of the home while living there and add great value to a home when selling it.

Unfortunately, there are a few minor things that are done that can lower the value of your house. There was a recent article by Simplemost that went over 4 paint colors that can have a negative impact on the sale price of your home. You can read the full article HERE

To recap the article, the 4 Colors That Decrease The Value Of Your Home are:

1. Slate Gray

2. Off-White

3. Terracotta

4. Dark Brown

The article goes on to have 5 colors that will in-fact increase your homes value too. When looking at sets of colors in comparison it is clear why these colors can reduce what you sell your home for. 

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