This week's topic: Carpet versus hardwood floors in your home

This is a question we get from buyers, sellers, investors, and clients who are just looking to remodel with the idea of getting the most "bang for their buck" down the road. 

Here's what we're seeing in the market:

One common agreement from all parties is that is that there are some rooms that work well with carpet and others that are much preferred to be hardwood. Hardwood is highly desired in living rooms, hallways and entryways while some people like the extra cushy comfort of carpet in their bedrooms.

Though, if you are remodeling, we wouldn't recommend covering up hardwood floors in a bedroom to replace it with carpet. Hardwood is still preferred overall. This information is most helpful if you are trying to cut down costs and only put it in or take it out of certain rooms instead of over the entire house. 

If you are out house hunting as a buyer, don't turn down a house simply because it is covered in carpet and you much prefer hardwood. In many of the older San Diego homes that we sell, hardwood has often been covered by carpet. Go check out the house, see if it has potential for hardwood or, maybe, there's already hardwood under the carpet and it just needs to be polished up! 

It is definitely agreed overall that hardwood is more desirable right now than carpet. It's more durable, lasts longer, and looks clean and slick. If you're looking to invest in your home, hardwood is what we would recommend based on feedback from clients and time in the market.