Misconception: Slab Foundations are better than raised foundations.

In San Diego we have a combination of both slab and raised foundations. We tend to see raised foundations in older neighborhoods, such as North Park, Mission Hills and Normal Heights.  Slab foundations typically are seen more frequently in newer neighborhoods like Carmel Valley, Clairemont or Rancho Bernardo. 

Here are a few main reasons why we consider this a "misconception":

Slab Foundations

A slab foundation is one solid base that is dug into the ground with different footings and then poured in one entirety. Sewer pipes and gas lines are often filled into the foundation when the concrete is poured.

If there are ever any problems with plumbing or electrical that is poured into a slab foundation then a homeowner can potentially have to tear up the entire foundation to fix it. 

Also, if the concrete was not poured correctly then it could cause cracking or shifting which could mean an entire tear out. 

Slab foundations tend to be more popular in newer homes because they are easier to install and are believed to cause less corrosion in pipes but the issues laid out above are also important to consider. 

Raised Foundations

A raised foundation is a concrete stem wall that runs around the perimeter of the building and any supporting walls under the house. Then there is a peer system that supports the rest of the house at different pressure points. 

A positive aspect of a raised foundation is that you can run plumbing and electrical under the house with easy access (assuming the crawl space is big enough). This way, if there are any issues with plumbing or electrical, then you can more easily localize the issue without taking up the entire foundation. 

Also, if you decide you want to reconfigure or remodel your home, then you're able to get under and move plumbing to relocate rooms or amenities in a house. It makes the process for remodel much easier. 

So those are the main differences between slab versus raised foundations in a nutshell. If you have any more detailed questions about foundations feel free to reach out to us!