How did we come up with Fridays with the Fiddle Fig? Why are we doing it?

We have never fully explained our thought process behind Fridays with the Fiddle Fig so, now that we have a good amount of episodes under our belt, we thought we'd take this opportunity to give you the story.

We had been wanting to do a consistent, episodic video series for our clients for a while but hadn't really nailed down our approach to it. Real estate is constantly changing and there's a lot of information that goes into a decision that the majority of people only make a few times in their lifetime. It's scary. So we thought that having access to digestible information about various topics would only help our clients and potential clients through this process. 

Jenna, our marketing coordinator, and I were filming something else one day when we were tired, feeling pretty goofy and having fun making jokes about what we could call an episodic video series. Eventually, Fridays with the Fiddle Fig stuck and we thought, "Why not try it!"

So here we are, about ten episodes in, getting positive feedback and having fun listening to what questions people have. With each episode we learn and improve. Send us your questions!